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This site provides information pertaining to a new transformative social design.  In order to best understand our options as a civilization, a great deal of information must be internalized.  Our current monetary system can transition towards a resourced based economic model while minimizing the risk of violence or human suffering.  This transition to a post scarcity system would be most appropriate through an open source economic model which applies access over ownership in regards to information.  In conjunction with a decentralized systems approach, an entirely updated social model can be applied which will lay the framework to design and achieve a post scarcity civilization.

Through the developments in science and technology, unprecedented options for social advancement have emerged allowing improvements virtually every aspect of our lives, our culture and our entire civilization.

This website will lay out the foundation for how these transformative designs could operate.

How resources could be exchanged and managed.

How individual liberties can be restored and protected.

How education can be entirely reinvented and updated.

How our energy and transportation infrastructure can be updated.

How manufacturing goods and new technologies can be automated and streamlined.

How food production  can be streamlined for sustainable abundance from symbiotic agricultural systems.

We recognize that every major social transformation must be seeded within the development process of our children.  Our approach to education must include empathic human values relevant to our relationship with nature.

Through proper human development we can create a symbiotic planetary civilization for the human family.

Within one generation we can feed cloth and educate every human being on the planet, then we can explore space.

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